Image Processing

By using PhotoShop, we perform clipping and whiteout of product images to be posted on mail order sites such as Amazon. We do not require advanced skills for simple work, and under the management of Japanese employees, ensure delivery time and provide accurate services.。

Model of Image Processing

Now we get order from image processing company in Japan every day.

Our staff work on image processing on that day we get order, and after checking carefully we deliver to you.

By working in an environment where their responsibility is required, we are working to improve the skills of staff.

AI Annotation

In recent years when the AI ​​boom is coming, more companies are trying to automate their work by incorporating machine learning.

A machine instantly identifies a large amount of data and takes action accordingly, and it is very convenient.

However, it is human beings that let the machine learn.

Classifying large amounts of data takes time and human costs.

We will eliminate both.

Please leave the annotation work to us.

Reduce Human Cost

Rwanda's low-cost labor costs enable human costs to be reduced.

We accept requests for free for the first order.

Reduce Work Time

You can almost eliminate the enormous amount of time required for your annotation work.


Data We Handle





AI Annotation for AgriTech    

・Data collection and arrangement of coffee beans
・Field Survey

Web Design

Nowadays having a website is a matter for companies.

However, there are factors that makes you hesitate to step into website creation, such as being unable to devote effort to website creation and having a little high price when you considered outsourcing it.

Under such circumstances, we are able to create website with cheap price by leaving most of the work to the local staff.

On this occasion, please let Jongororo design your own website.

The process of Web Design

  1. Accepting order
  2. Deciding course of action of Web Design, such as production period and how to get web hosting and domain
  3. Sending a format created by PPT to you
  4. Filling in the format as the way you want your website to be seen
  5. Starting Web Design by following up the format into wordpress as same as your wishes
  6. Completing your website after some meetings
  7. Close to you


Web Designer

By now, he is in charge of Web Design.

But our aims  is to make our staff programmers, and master the wordpress  so that our members will have the possibility to make website by themselves.