Company Info


Company Name   Jongororo(Nov,2018~)


Location              Kigali, Rwanda


CEO        Ayako Kasai


Employees                9(male 5、female 2、Japanese 2)

Vision & Misson


Jongororo makes the world all the challengers can be attractive


Currently Rwanda is in severe situation for people to get jobs, and even they have proper skills and motivation, they cannot get proper jobs.

Moreover, it can happen that un-talented people get jobs, while talented people cannot get job.

Therefore, we offer them appropriate chances, and respect all their performance properly.

Jongororo contributes to society as a company in developing country

In africa, there is a few opportunity to get job and improve their skill.

Therefore, we positively hire high school graduated people and disabled people.

Moreover, we develop local Rwandan people by giving them proper evaluation and achieving their goal under environment which requires responsibility.