About Jongororo

Jongororo is based in Kigali, Rwanda. We offer high quality of offshore services to foreign companies.


Our Mission

As a company in Rwanda which aims to be IT developed country, we develop IT talent through practical business transaction.

we contribute to developing countries by getting any social range of people involved in our business.

Our Services

Image Processing

We clip images and make its background white. Then, we send it back.


What we clip and make background white

Accesorries, Bugs, Clothes, Necklace, Shoes,,,,,


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AI Annotation

We will perform annotation work, which is indispensable for machine learning that is in topic recently.

Our handling data is images, videos, and texts.



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Web Design

We  have you fill in the template that we prepared in advance.

After that, we start designing Web site in accordance with your order completely.




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Cheap Service Cost

In Rwanda, labour cost is much lower than the countries which have popularity as offshore basement now, such as China, India and Vietnam. Therefore, we can offer offshore service in lower cost than those countries.

Rwandan Character

Rwandan people is gentle and honest, so miscommunication about services will never happen by reporting our progress to Japanese customers in detail and receive feedbacks from them.

Efficient Work Time

Rwandan time is -7 hours from Japan, so we can set a meeting during 3pm~5pm in Japan, and while Japanese companies are closed, we can arrange time for working on services in Rwanda side.

National Policy

We have relatively high literacy of IT human resources because government of Rwanda aims to make Rwanda IT developed country. Therefore, we can resolve the problem which is lack of IT human resources in Japan.

Contribute to Rwanda

In Rwanda, it is very hard to find jobs, especially for young people. Therefore, by receiving jobs from foreign countries, they can get further chances.

A Step to Africa

Through this offshore services, you can know the performance of Rwandan, and you can get knowledge of African business practice and tips when you do business with them.